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Bocuse d'or
« Classic or modern,
there’s only one cuisine...
The Good one»
30 years
| Posted January 22, 2018
Autour du concours


This Saturday, January 20 in Collonges, the founder of our contest passed away, after a long and incredible life.

In 1987, Paul Bocuse had already been a 3-Michelin-star chef for 22 years. At 61, he revolutionized French cuisine and brought chefs out of their kitchen to put them in front of their customers.



He could have rested a little, but Mr. Paul, this genius from Lyon, had an idea in mind: the creation of an international competition, which would be the expression of rigor, know-how and excellence. By borrowing the codes of the biggest sporting events, he imagined a real show around the kitchen and chefs. The Bocuse d'Or was born!


In 30 years, driven by national selections in more than 60 countries, exciting continental selections, and grand finals at the heart of the SIRHA show every two years, the event has become legendary. Today, much more than a competition, the Bocuse d’Or is the ultimate consecration for many chefs around the world.



As Paul Bocuse wanted, the competition is an expression of modernism and reveals the best talents to the world. Visionary, avant-garde, it is the ambassador of a world culinary heritage more alive than ever, connected to new generations for whom cooking has become universal.


Over the years, the Bocuse d'Or has established itself as the most prestigious competition in the world. But it is above all a great human adventure that has created an exceptional community of leaders around the world. The Bocuse d'Or family is now orphaned but will carry on Paul Bocuse’s work with the energy and generosity of its father and mentor.


Au revoir Monsieur Paul and thank you.

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