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Logo Bocuse d'or Lyon 2015 SIRHA SPIRIT

Bocuse d'or
« Classic or modern,
there’s only one cuisine...
The Good one»
30 years

CHEF has been a loyal partner of the Bocuse d’Or, sponsoring it since its inaugural competition in 1987, with both brands committed to excellence, passion, ambition and creativity in the culinary profession. 

Developed in France over 40 years ago, the CHEF brand prides itself on its close collaboration with chefs, best in class innovation and superior ingredients to create products for professionals. It fulfills practical and demanding realities, never compromises and fuels creativity of passionate chefs.  Thinking about the chefs we serve, we endeavor to apply the same high standards they have to our own products. And the result is craftsmanship and authenticity credentials that are unrivalled.

Contestants of the Bocuse d’Or 2017 will use CHEF 100% natural scratch made fonds to create their menus at each stage of preparation in both hot and cold applications. Our mission is to make CHEF fonds, fumets, jus, bouillons and sauces as good as the ones you would make from scratch in your own kitchen to help you create dishes that you’re proud to serve.

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