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30 years
| Posted January 18, 2017
30 years of Bocuse d'or

[00:17]    Jérôme Bocuse - Lyon, France , PRESIDENT OF BOCUSE D’OR
[00:18]    It all started as a bit of fun among a group of friends – my father and his chef friends – France's finest, all from Lyon.
[00:30]    And so afterwards, over the years, the competition gradually took on another facet – the one with which we are all now familiar.
[00:47]    In my opinion, the competition is first and foremost an event which showcases what goes on in each country.
[00:52]    And when I say that, consider Japan, for example, which has made it through and finished in third place in the last couple of editions.
[01:01] What I mean is that the competition is a reflection of what is happening with Japanese cuisine throughout the world.
[01:05]    Twenty years ago, Japanese cuisine was very far removed from what we were familiar with as Westerners and was not popular with the general public. That's no longer the case today – sushi is everywhere.
[01:16]    So once again, I believe that the Bocuse D’Or competition more or less reflects current trends, movements, what's happening throughout the world.
[01:23] So what this demonstrates is that these are countries which are not just continuously establishing themselves with their cuisine,
[01:29]    they are also establishing themselves at the Bocuse d’Or competition.
[01:31]    And we often think about those Scandinavian chefs who don't really have a culinary culture comparable to the ones which prevail in countries like France, Italy and Spain,
[01:43]    and I think it's a way for these chefs from Scandinavian countries to assert themselves and say "look what we can do".
[01:51]    They went back home, they immediately opened up their restaurants and it was a highly effective springboard for their professional careers.
[02:00]    We remain true to our DNA with the same roots, we're going to track developments,
[02:06]    30 years of the Bocuse d’Or competition, yes, if there's one thing I'm keen to do, it’s to do just as good a job for the next 30 years.
[02:11]    Happy birthday to the Bocuse d’Or competition – I hope it enjoys a long life.

30 years of Bocuse d'Or

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