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Bocuse d'or
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30 years
| Posted December 4, 2017
Sélection Nationale

On November 26, 2017, Emiliano Schobert competed with four other candidates in front of a jury composed of Martin Molteni, Fernando Orciani, Fernado Rivarola, Gabriele Lafuente, Roberto Petersen and Ezequiel Navas. The other candidates were Rodrigo da Costa (2nd place), Mauro Trinarolli (3rd place), Maximiliano Sommo (4th place) and Belén Pracilio (5th place).

The semifinalists had to cook live and in a maximum of three hours, 5 portions of beef eye round (mandatory product and common to all participants), three side dishes and a maximum of two sauces. The evaluation took into account: flavor, technique, garnishes, hygiene, creativity and presentation.

Emiliano Schobert was born in Buenos Aires in 1974. He studied in Córdoba. He worked as executive chef in different restaurants in Córdoba and Bariloche. Since 2007, he has directed together with his wife Lucía De Biaggio, El Obrador School of Culinary Art in Bariloche, in the north of Patagonia, Argentina. In 2015 he participated in the Bocuse d'Or Finale, representing Argentina, where he obtained the fifteenth position. Prior to this competition, Schobert obtained the first place in both the Grand Aztec Latin American Culinary Contest held in Mexico D.F. and the Bocuse d'Or national selection in Buenos Aires.

Emiliano Schobert will be the chef representing Argentina in the next edition of the Bocuse d'Or Americas Competition, which will take place next April in Mexico City.

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