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Bocuse d'or
« Classic or modern,
there’s only one cuisine...
The Good one»
30 years
| Posted February 27, 2018
Sélection Continentale

Giovanna GROSSI

Winner of the Bocuse d’Or Latin America 2016

Two years ago you won the selection contest for Latin America. Can you share a few words with us about your adventure?

The Bocuse d'Or was the best and most wonderful experience in my life! When I entered to take part in the Bocuse d'Or Brazil national round I was looking for a new experience, I didn’t think I would be chosen to represent my country. It was the first time I took part in a cooking contest so it honestly came as a big surprise.

I am doubly proud of this victory because I am the first woman to win a Bocuse d’Or continental selection event. It’s a twofold victory!

What does the Bocuse d’Or family represent for you?

When I look back at everything I have experienced over the past years thanks to the Bocuse d'Or, I realize it’s a wonderful family that I am proud to be part of. We are a big family with members all over the world who work seriously and endeavour to complete projects to promote their respective cultures and gastronomy on the international scene. We are all passionate. We love challenges, surpassing ourselves and giving our very best.

Has your cooking changed after this awesome adventure? And what about you?

After all this, of course my cooking has changed. Mainly because I have learned a lot about myself, as an individual and as a chef, I have gained in maturity and learned to surpass obstacles that I never thought I could conquer.

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