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30 years
| Posted March 22, 2018
Sélection Continentale


Honorary President of the Bocuse d'Or Americas

How would you define your cooking, what does it mean for you?

My approach to cooking is very regional and deeply rooted in the products of Baja California, my native region. For me local ingredients are at the heart of this new upcoming Mexican cuisine.

This year you will be the President of Honor of the Bocuse d'Or America which will see for the first time the participation of countries from North, Central and South America. What does this mean to you?

I feel privileged and very proud to have been chosen as the President of Honor for such an important gastronomic event. Throughout all parts of Latin America traditional recipes are being revived and preserved, to me this means taking a step forward as we turn more toward our traditional recipes to find inspiration and less toward cuisine from the old continent. It also highlights the rich roots of each region and what they have to offer.

What is your point of view regarding the approach to cuisine on the American continent?

Many of the basic recipes we use today come from our roots. More and more chefs are rediscovering ancestral ingredients and turning them into new dishes with a daring approach, full of new flavors. A new path is being created with new techniques and methods and a new identity. But there is still much to learn and discover from what is happing today in Latin American kitchens.


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