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« Classic or modern,
there’s only one cuisine...
The Good one»
30 years
| Posted January 26, 2018
Sélection Continentale

Guacamole, tacos, tortillas ... These international references are far from reflecting the extreme richness of Mexican cuisine, the first to be included in UNESCO's intangible heritage.

The mainstays of Mexican cuisine are corn, red beans and chili peppers. Adding indigenous ingredients such as avocados, squash, tomatoes, turkey, vanilla and cocoa, we get the outlines of traditional Mexican cuisine, strongly influenced by its European influences (rice, wine, pork and spices), Caribbean (sugarcane), Oriental, Asian and African (fruit). The marriage of all these ingredients allowed the birth of dishes such as pozole (a kind of stew with nixtamal - white corn preparation obtained by cooking with lime -, chicken or pork meat ), mole (chocolate spicy sauce) and tamales.

Traditional Mexican dishes can be enjoyed at home, where recipes are handed down from generation to generation. But great chefs strive to preserve local traditions. Enrique Olvera at Pujol uses seasonings and indigenous products such as rare peppers or dried insects. Jorge Vallejo, who has his own vegetable garden in Quintonil, offers cuisine that revisits Mexican culinary traditions and their signature ingredients, but in a highly gourmet version. Olvera and Vallejo are ranked 4th and 6th best restaurants in Latin America (50 Best).

Mexico is a country whose culinary heritage is to be discovered or rediscovered, and it is to promote this gastronomic wealth that the Bocuse d'Or has chosen Mexico City for the continental selection Americas.

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