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Bocuse d'or 30 years
12 |13 Jun. 2015


Artjom SKVORTSOV (Commis)

Ivan JAKOVLEV (Commis)

Kirill KRYUKOV (Commis)

Every two years, the Russian selection event for the Bocuse d'Or brings together the most promising chefs of the moment in the country. The stakes are high, as the finalist of this contest will then represent Russia in the Bocuse d'Or Europe held in Budapest in May 2016. The winner will compete against 19 other European chefs in this crucial stage before the 2017 final of the Bocuse d'Or held in Lyon (France).

For this edition, the five chefs selected for the Bocuse d'Or Russia will need to demonstrate nothing less than excellence in technical mastery and creativity in this intense trial that will last 5.35 hours. Assisted by their commis, they will prepare a meat dish and a fish recipe.

The contest will take place during the Russian edition of the world's greatest restaurant festival TASTE. The Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie Russia 2015 will also take place within this festival framework (14th june).

Sergey Eroshenko, the Contest President of the 2015 Russian edition of the Bocuse d'Or

The recipe of a committed and talented cuisine, pushing the borders out

Sergey EroshenkoIn June 12-13, 2015, the Russian Chef Sergey Eroshenko has been appointed by the International Organisation Committee as the President of Bocuse d'Or Russia. He is currently the Head Chef of the Chestnaya Kuhnya Restaurant, situated in the heart of the Russian capital, Moscow.

Here after a brief presentation of the Chef's ingredients for a democratic gastronomy, celebrating culinary diversity and inventive spirits.

From European inspiration...

Eroshenko worked in several restaurants in Moscow and travelled all around the world to discover an array of culinary cultures. In Europe, he was seduced by the quality of the products, the restaurants' warm atmosphere and the Chefs' commitment to do their utmost to maintain their reputation. Therefore, the Russian Chef tried to bring these values in his native country in order to break with the reign of wealthy investors over restaurateurs: money should not rule gastronomy anymore but quality and conviviality instead.

...To a new concept: a Fair and Innovative Cuisine

Like in sport, Eroshenko is willing to promote gastronomy as a real show, ensuring maximum pleasure to his guests, in a fair-play atmosphere. With other Muscovite Chefs, they created a Fair Cuisine Code, gathering all the core values that they cherished, with a unique motto: democratic gastronomy for gastronomic lovers. The key idea is to advocate an on-going quest of the latest trends to amaze and delight the visitors' taste buds.

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