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Bocuse d'or
« Classic or modern,
there’s only one cuisine...
The Good one»
30 years

A desire
Spice Hunter was born from the desire to open new markets in the Afghan economy.
Our young company wants to join the UN project - fight against narco-trafficking - by encouraging Afghan farmers to destroy the plans of Poppy and replace them with the culture of Saffron.
Spice Hunter works closely with Afghan farmers without having an intermediary.
«We create a climate of trust with our interlocutors, and we put them forward in our approach,» explains François-Xavier Gromont, founder and CEO of Spice Hunter.

A wealth
Difficult to produce, this spice has sought after gastronomic properties. Known for its fragrant and aromatic properties, saffron is used in many dishes, and it also allows the transformation of dishes as varied as surprising.
The creation is at the rendezvous ! The «saffron touch» requires an application, a mas¬tery and excellent knowledge of the cuisine to highlight its strengths in original, mo¬dern and daring dishes!

A quality
Spice Hunter also wants to promote and restore the nobility of this luxurious product, so often decried by the sale of fraudulent saffron.
Whether for culinary, medicinal or even perfumery-cosmetology, saffron is a valuable spice.
The quality of the product is the center of our concerns. We do «quality tests» which attest to the seriousness of Spice Hunter and the proposed saffron.

An ambition
Spice Hunter aims to reach the French market but more broadly European and international. The will of the project gives Saffron all its assets in a precious box of authenticity.

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