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30 years
| Posted September 19, 2018

The novelties for the finale 2019 unveiled


The 19th of September, the surprises imagined by the committee for the Finale of the Bocuse d'Or have been unveiled.



Africa is now in the competition:

First the 24 countries that will compete for the title, with, for the first time, two African countries: Morocco and Tunisia.

Coming back to fundamentals :

The imposed product of this Finale 2019 will be a grand Classique: suckling veal rack with 5 prime chops (from: France).

For Régis Marcon, president of the IOC it is the opportunity to "Transform a classic piece into a dish masterpiece, modern, registered in our time; surprise us! "

The contest is now officially launched. All the teams now know all the challenges they will have to face. They have 132 days left to compose the themes on plate and on platter that will delight the jury! May the best win!



Interview of Régis Marcon:

Read the interview of Régis Marcon during the Press conference explaining all the issues of this 2019 edition:

Régis Marcon: “It is important to keep in mind that a lot of changes are made for each Bocuse d’Or competition because a contest needs to reinvent itself and this year, we follow the message of Monsieur Paul. Often, I remember him saying:

«  I like this cuisine because we are able to identify the product » and this year the theme is quite challenging with the suckling veal rack with 5 prime chops.

We will ask the candidates to roast it in one piece, not vacuumed and with the prime chops visible. When you hear this theme, we can ask « do this theme is not disused, is it not a Grand Classique »?

Yes, precisely! This is a Classique but it has to be reinvented.

I think that with the talent and especially the creativity of each candidate, as we have seen for many years, it is possible.

We will have a veal rack like we have never seen! Roasted, but maybe in a different way that we are used to see. We will maybe see also a work on stuffing, I am expecting   great things and creation!


This theme is not something that we choose with no reason we choose it to pay a tribute to Monsieur Paul Bocuse and this is a team  work because the committee is composed of several chefs from Lyon area and also from abroad, it is important to explain that we take advice from former candidates and winners who reached the podium in Europe and in the Finale

 [question: for a candidate who wish to participate to the contest, what does it represent? how works, the training, the competition once we are on D day?  What is happening in your mind as a candidate mind?]

For a candidate, this is all his story behind.

Monsieur Paul always was wishing to see candidates from all over the world on stage

I know how much he was happy when he was seeing for instance, Japan going on the podium; same for the United States which  were competing  since the beginning.

This is a long work, which can last 2 or 3 years.

First, it is a commitment, it is a dream.

Often the candidate thinks about it.

For instance, Rasmus (Rasmus Kofoed, Denmark), he seen the show on TV and said to himself « one day, I will be there ». Bent Stiansen (Norway), did too.

It represents a lot of work for many years, a dream too. Now, it is also a lot of organization and that’s one of the thing that makes it special. Behind each candidate, you have a team but also a whole country that is great because they all are part of the event, this creates a very special atmosphere

The classic example is all European countries, like for instance Norway, Denmark, which wrote great pages of their gastronomy, who was really strong at the time, thanks to   Bocuse d’Or.

[question: Bocuse d’Or Africa happened for the first time this year What can they express on the Bocuse d’Or scene?

R Marcon: For, Africa, like other continents in the past, this a real challenge.

We talked about it earlier, the key point is how they will behave on the contest and find their place?

No doubt that this new comer, that this « little » will quickly feel comfortable on the competition the rules specify that the candidates have to highlight the culinary heritage from their country.

When you know Africa, with all its tradition, in Mediterranean bay, and in the continent from north to the south, there is a lot of amazing products, talent which will arise that is one of the purpose of the Bocuse d’Or, after North European country, we will talk about Africa gastronomy too



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