Bocuse d’or France 2019
National rounds

To convince a demanding jury composed of prestigious chefs the 8 candidates selected to take part in the Bocuse d’Or France qualifying contest will need to perform at their very best level for the 5 hours allotted for the two tests. This year, rabbit will be the theme for the dish to be served on a tray and artichokes for the recipe served on a plate.

For the recipe served on a tray the participants will have to demonstrate great creative skill to transcend the two whole rabbits supplied for the  contest. Three garnishes will accompany the barons of rabbit, thus enabling each candidate to express their personal touch, terroir and skills. After 5 hours  of work. The dish on a tray will be first presented to the members of the jury before going to the cutting table where the participants will have 10 minutes to carve and cut their recipes and prepare 8 portions.

For this edition of the contest, the French National Organising Committee wishes to place the emphasis on creativity and technical mastery. To this effect they have introduced a specific test with minimum requirements: enhance Artichokes in a vegetal dish.

The participants will need to use the artichokes in various forms, textures and flavours without affecting their nature. They may use other vegetal and dairy products (and eggs) to complement their recipes.

The idea is to surprise the members of the Tasting Jury and to stand out thanks to the originality of their dishes.

Theme presented on a Tray

“Rabbit represents a great technical challenge that is close to that of the last final of the MOF Cuisine contest, for which the theme was hare. This meat is rather French and is not frequently consumed in other countries.
You seldom find it on the menu at gourmet restaurants. That’s what makes it such a challenge; this is a product that is not easy to work with. With this theme we were interested in seeing how the participants will work with the product. The Bocuse d’Or is a contest with a clearly artistic orientation so it is essential that the chefs modernise their presentation in order to enhance, highlight and transcend the product. The recipe must be aesthetic as well as harmonious in terms of taste and technical skill. The subject remains simple, just as for the recipe presented on a plate, however, it requires much effort in its interpretation and significant work to create a Wow factor.”
Fabrice Prochasson

Theme presented on a Tray

  • Hot dish to serve 8 persons
    The 8 portions must be served on a tray
  • Time allotted: 5 hours
  • Garnishes: 3 mandatory, of which 1 must use offal and 2 must use only vegetal products (eggs and cream allowed)
  • Sauce or jus: 1 mandatory, 2 maximum, free recipe

Theme presented on a plate

Theme presented on a plate

  • Hot or cold dish to serve 8 persons.
    The artichokes must be prepared in 3 different forms minimum.
    All ingredients must be served on the plate.
  • Time allotted: 4 hours 25 minutes
  • Sauce/Jus/Bouillon/Vinaigrette: free.
  • Products not allowed: all forms of meat and fish

“I’m already a fan of the theme! First because it is vegetal but also because it is in line the spirit of cooking, using a single product and working to create  emotions with it. I am familiar with artichokes and they are on the menu at Maison Aribert. For instance, we have calico artichoke and violet purée with artichoke heart cooked sous-vide, artichoke crisps, mushroom jelly and truffle ice-cream. If I had some advice for the participants it would be to use every part of the artichokes, to discover and show everything they have to offer. You need to find its quintessence and use the product in all forms possible.”
Christophe Aribert