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Destination Georgia

At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia is positioned on a very important route. This history has shaped its customs, lifestyles and cuisine. Georgia, is an ancient country and it is a land with a rich culture, wine traditions and outstanding culinary achievements.

Georgia’s gastronomical culture, like its folk music, is polyphonic. Just as every sound has its purpose in Georgian music, each ingredient in its food creates a unique bouquet, creating the Georgian taste.
The Georgian Supra (The ancient georgian word for the “feast”) is the characteristic symbol of cultural and ritual relations for Georgians.

The concept of the cuisine at the Georgian table has several elements; such as cheese, bread, wine, a toastmaster and a song. These elements perfectly complement each other, thus creating the Georgian Supra phenomenon.
As is typical in Georgian cuisine, every region has its own colours and flavours, but they are united in the same principal: the love of natural herbs, greens and dairy. Without these, Georgian food is unimaginable, (although Georgians are always regarded as meat lovers).

The potential of the Georgian supra is unlimited, and it is acceptable that each region should present its own local dishes. In Kakheti it could be Khashlama (stewed meat), in Megrelia elarji and Chvishtari, in Racha Shmeruli (which comes from the village with a similar name and is a chicken prepared on a clay plate with added garlic and milk), in Svaneti Kubdari and Tashmjabi, or Tushi Kotori – the list is endless.

Georgian table food is versatile and suitable for many. The Georgian cuisine itself can satisfy the tastes of many different lovers of food. It has food that suits the tastes of vegans and vegetarians and has also simple gourmet tastes.
We are also quite fortunate with desserts, especially at the end of summer, in the autumn. At this time Georgia is especially famous for its sweet treats.

The story of the Georgian Traditional Supra should be understood widely, which was changed according to the times, from region to region, from the mountain to the valleys.

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