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Destination Poland

It is almost impossible to write about Poland in a few words. About our long history, ups and downs, annexations, wars. The country has been invaded or fought for freedom in insurrections over 40 times. Poland even disappeared from world maps between 1772 and 1795. In the end, we regained our independence, so precious and awaited for such a long time. This year Poland celebrates the 100th anniversary of independence, of which we are extremely proud.

In terms of size, Poland is the 9th country in Europe. Due to its location in Europe, beautiful, diverse regions, of which there are as many as 16, Poland has to offer tourists a wide range of attractions and leisure opportunities. Every region has its own specificity.

We live in a country of mountains and sea, the land of great lakes, forests and ecologically pure farmlands. 
Poland has a very diverse nature. Almost 800 km of the seashore and a few mountain chains (Carpathian, Sudet and Świętokrzyskie). Poland also has the only Central-European desert, Pustynia Błędowska. There are also dunes in the Pomerania region that are a curiosity on a European scale. So, are wetlands in Biebrzański National Park, islands in Woliński National Park. Let’s not forget about the clean lakes and the richness of Warmia and Mazury.

Polish cuisine has a long tradition and throughout centuries has been influenced by culinary customs of different nations. This contributed to the wealth of tastes and complexity of Polish menu.
Poland due to its culinary heritage, geographical location, natural recourses, variety of regional, natural products and ambitious chefs, is an interesting place not only on the world culinary map!

So, come to Poland and have a taste of our country!

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