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The Bocuse d’Or is most of all a human adventure and the work of an entire team. Candidates are the stars of this contest but without the help of their commis, they could not achieve such performances.
This time, we want to ask them their testimony, their ways of living this exceptional experience, etc.

We met Manuela Carbone, commis for the team Argentina. Now, she’s working in Sweden for the restaurant Sjőn. 

What represents Bocuse d’Or to you?
Bocuse d’Or represents the challenge that every chef wants. Not only by cooking in front of thousands of people, and many important chefs, but because it represents coming from behind the kitchen and showing what cooks can do. It’s also a great opportunity to show the world your own culture and traditions.

To you, what is the main role of the commis?
For me, the role of the commis is as important as the candidate role.
The main role of the commis is to make the candidate feel safe. To work as equals and knowing that one helps the other. The commis does 50% of the work and needs to be as precise as the candidate.

How was the Bocuse d’Or experience as commis?
The Bocuse D’Or experience as a commis is the best. I had the same pressure that the candidate had, but I always felt high adrenaline and happiness. I learned to enjoy the competition and it was an amazing moment to be surrounded by so many important chefs and being able to share with them and feel equality among everybody.

What did it bring to you and your career participating to Bocuse d’Or as a commis?
Participating on Bocuse D’Or as a commis brought me one of the best experiences of my life. Not only it taught me about competing, innovating and creativity, but if also formed me as a better chef.
To be in Bocuse means that you are looking for excellence on what you do. Not only on what you cook but on everything around you. Organized and neat areas in the kitchen, high speed while executing tasks and precision at all times. It taught me to always be secure of myself and of what I’m doing.
Also, one of the main doors that Bocuse has opened me is the work  opportunities, and in Lyon the Swedish team offered me a job.

Would you see yourself participating at Bocuse d’Or as a chef?
In my opinion, participating in Bocuse D’or as a candidate, is a really hard decision, because I know all the hard work and time that I would need to invest on the competition, but I think that it would be great to see a young woman representing Argentina in Lyon.

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