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Mauritius national round

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The Bocuse d'Or Academy Mauritius, an institution representing the zenith of gastronomic excellence, designed to celebrate and promote the island’s unique food culture on a global stage.

Named after Paul Bocuse, the iconic pioneer of nouvelle cuisine, the academy is steadfast in its mission to cultivate the next generation of culinary masters. It provides unparalleled opportunities for aspiring chefs, fostering their passion, honing their skills, and instilling a profound respect for the traditional cuisines of Mauritius while innovatively fusing them with international flavors.

Bocuse d'Or Academy Mauritius recognizes the gastronomic sector as an essential part of the island's cultural identity and economic fabric. Its work goes beyond the confines of the kitchen, contributing to sustainable development by supporting local producers and advocating for responsible food practices.

Engaging, educating, and enlightening, the Bocuse d'Or Academy Mauritius is more than just a cooking school; it is the beating heart of Mauritian gastronomy. It is a place where heritage meets innovation, where local flavors intertwine with global trends, and where food becomes an ambassador, eloquently narrating Mauritius's vibrant story to the world.

1 participation to the Grand Final: 2023

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