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Norway national round

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The academy has had a thorough selection process. The selected will now start building their teams, with commis and trainers . These three make up the core team in the competition itself, but on the way there, several skilled chefs are also brought in to contribute to the team's success in the various parts of the development work and training towards the goal in Stavanger Concert Hall. This dynamic simply turns the teams into development and learning arenas, and is in itself fantastic for the profession and Norwegian gastronomy.

The Norwegian Chef of the Year competition is referred to as one of the world's toughest selections for the Bocuse d'Or, and whoever wins has had to work smart and train hard for the coming six months. In Norway, we are in a privileged situation with so many good chefs to choose from, and we are sure that the candidates we have selected from among the applicants are the best to assert themselves in the race against both Chef of the Year, and then Bocuse d 'Or,' says Geir Skeie, chairman of the Norwegian Bocuse Academy.

Bocuse d'Or Norway assists our candidate chefs as best we can on the way to the goal. Over the years, Norway has secured a total of thirteen medals in the World Championships, with five gold, four silver and four bronze. It is something we are incredibly proud of!

17 PARTICIPATIONS TO THE GRAND FINAL: 1987 • 1989 • 1991 • 1993 • 1997 • 1999 • 2003 • 2005 • 2007 • 2009 • 2011 • 2013 • 2015 • 2017 • 2019 • 2021• 2023

13 podiums of Bocuse d'Or Norway:

  • 1991 • Lars Erik Underthun, Bocuse d'Argent
  • 1993 • Bent Stiansen, Bocuse d'Or
  • 1997 • Odd Ivar Solvold, Bocuse de Bronze
  • 1999 • Terje Ness, Bocuse d'Or
  • 2003 • Charles Tjessem, Bocuse d'Or
  • 2005 • Tom Viktor Gausdal, Bocuse d'Argent
  • 2009 • Geir Skeie, Bocuse d'Or
  • 2011 • Gunnar Hvarnes, Bocuse de Bronze
  • 2015 • Ørjan Johannessen, Bocuse d'Or
  • 2017 • Christopher W.Davidsen, Bocuse d'Argent
  • 2019 • Christian André Pettersen, Bocuse de Bronze
  • 2021 • Christian André Pettersen, Bocuse de Bronze
  • 2023 • Filip August Bendi, Bocuse d'Argent

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