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Bocuse d'Or streaming

Follow the Bocuse d'Or Europe streaming, starting on March 19th, 2024!

We thank you for following the last Bocuse d'Or events.

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Trøndelag, region of Trondheim, host city of Bocuse d'Or Europe 2024

Trøndelag has had a fantastic development as a food region. Talented chefs and world-class ingredients have been noticed - and now we are looking forward to hosting the event on behalf of Norway.

Bocuse d'Or is a national event that gives us a unique opportunity to showcase the food in Norway and ingredients from all over the country.

Did you know that Norway is already the nation with the most medals in Bocuse d'Or?


Main Partners

logo BE WTR, partenaire majeur du Bocuse d'Or 2023-2025

BE WTR, the Swiss water brand, redefines premium hydration, promoting ecological water consumption with state-of-the-art AQTiV systems. Offering chilled, still and sparkling, activated filtered water, the AQTiV system recently received the Red Dot “Best Product Design” award. Embraced by renown chefs globally, BE WTR tackles single-use bottles and supports sustainability through the “1% for the Planet” platform, contributing to 9 UN SDGs while pursuing B-Corp certification.

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Long-term main partner of Bocuse d’Or Convotherm provides cutting-edge combi oven technology based on innovation and sustainability. Advancing Your Ambitions is our philosophy, based on passion and commitment to provide the best combi oven solution to meet the varied needs of chefs across the globe. Now introducing our new combi oven for professionals the Convotherm maxx pro.

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METRO is a leading international food wholesaler which specialises in serving the needs of hotels, restaurants, and caterers (HoReCa) as well as independent merchants (Traders). Around the world, METRO has approx. 15 million customers who benefit from the wholesale company’s unique multichannel mix: customers can purchase their goods in one of the large stores in their area as well as by delivery (Food Service Distribution, FSD) – all digitally supported and connected.

METRO and Bocuse d’Or have long been engaged in various partnerships over the past decades. METRO also supports in other countries and the partnership between METRO France and Bocuse d'Or dates back to 2005, when the company became a sponsor in its home country. Since 2013, METRO has also been the official ingredient supplier for the world finals of the Bocuse d'Or and, with its food and gastronomy expertise, makes an important contribution to the preparation and implementation of the competition. From 2012-2022 METRO sponsored every Bocuse d’Or European Final. Since 2022 METRO has even been the Main Sponsor of the European Selections.

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logo All-Clad, partenaire Bocuse d'Or France

All-Clad, an American company founded in 1971 in Canonsburg, that has built on its heritage of craftsmanship and quickly established its reputation in the world of professional gastronomy. For over 50 years, All-Clad has been constantly innovating to design and manufacture premium cookware that meets the demands of the world's greatest professional chefs. The brand joined Groupe SEB in 2004.

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Platinum partners

logo Bonna Premium Porcelain

Bonna Premium Porcelain, having 40 years of experience in production, launched with a vision, which is to become a solution partner to HoReCa professionals. Over the years, Bonna having the advantage of being based in Turkey, distributed its wide range of products to more than 100 countries on all five continents to serve extensive variety of sector professionals from chain restaurants, hotels to Michelin-starred chefs. Bonna continuously offers design and functionality driven products, which have received more than 35 international awards so far, with a commitment to contribute to a sustainable future and generates inspiring user experiences every day.

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By combining tradition and innovation, Bragard marks the times by designing in the Vosges (in France) bold, creative, generous and environmentally friendly collections. Bragard meets your requirements and desires of today and tomorrow by offering comfortable products adapted to your jobs so that every day you can write your story in Bragard!

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For more than 30 years, French frozen bakery manufacturer Bridor has been combining the power of large-scale manufacturing with the virtuosity of bakery expertise to offer to Chefs high-quality breads and Viennese pastries inspired by bakery cultures worldwide.

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Since 1945, Elle & Vire Professionnel® has contributed
to the promotion of French excellence and gastronomy
all over the world.
Thanks to its unique and unrivalled dairy know-how, it creates
new products in its native Normandy, dairy products
that it now export to over 120 countries, which are used by
the finest chefs.
Its secrets? Exceptional French terroir, where the cows are
often in the meadow, producing the highest quality milk,
which in turn makes for the best cream. Elle & Vire Professionnel®
aims to provide top-notch support to
professionals in order to offer products to best suit their
Thanks to close collaboration with world-renowned chefs
over the course of many years, Elle & Vire Professionnel®
has developed a range of fine creams, butters, cheeses and desserts
that have been recognized for their consistency and performance.

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As the official champagne of the competition, Pommery is at the very heart of each stage of the competition from the selection to the final celebrations. Our commitment to this event highlights our long-term connection to the world of haute cuisine and of the values we share.

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Our history is that of the Rougié family, in 1875. A producer of exceptional ducks and foies gras, Rougié is renowned today for its innovation and cutting-edge technology. Rougié, an emblem of French gastronomy, is proud to delight the most discerning palates with the quality of its products


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Premium partners


LINIE Aquavit is the world’s most famous aquavit, and the original cask matured Norwegian aquavit. It is distilled in pot stills using a special blend of spices that gives it its unique flavour profile. The main spice, caraway is locally sourced at Inderøya in Trondheim region. The nutrious soil and long, yet cold, summers gives a very high concentration of flavour in the caraway seed, making it perfect for aquavit production. After distillation, the aquavit is matured in Oloroso sherry casks embarking on a long sea journey, crossing the equator twice. As a result, it acquires a remarkably smooth and well-rounded taste with prominent notes of caraway and star anise, along with delicate hints of vanilla and sherry. The unique maturation process combining the Nordic flavours and the influence of the sea creates a spirit that is worth exploring and enjoying in the company of good friends and unforgettable moments.


In 2000, the Bocuse d'Or Winners association was created thanks to the support of the Rougié, which wished to help strengthen the links between all the winners of the competition since its creation in 1987. To date, it brings together 45 chefs from 13 different nationalities. Its honorary president is Jérôme Bocuse and its current president is Philip Tessier, Bocuse d'Argent 2015.
This strong group allows them to stay close to the competition and continue to write its history.
Many of these chefs even become heavily involved in their country by leading the national team and supporting new candidates; or in the competition committee. They also created the Best Commis Award.

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Capfruit was founded back in 1999 in the Drôme region and aims at offering a wide range of fruit based ingredients for culinary and pastry professionals. Building on its know-how, Capfruit supports pastry chefs, cooks, caterers, but also ice cream makers, confectioners and chocolatiers by providing them with natural, authentic and sometimes original flavors to make their recipes. Each year, more than 6,000 tonnes of fruit purees, coulis or even zests are delivered to them in about 60 countries around the world thanks to a network of specialized distributors.
Capfruit, partner committed from the land to the plate.

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Green Care Professional

Green Care Professional's eco-certified cleaning solutions have been supporting chefs for 35 years. Based on circular economy principles, they are adapted to each of their needs and priorities: optimal hygiene, healthy catering, staff safety, waste reduction, lower environmental impact...


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Rein – Helten på vidda est un profil marketing utilisé dans toutes les initiatives de marketing générique de la viande de renne par le Conseil de commercialisation du renne. Le conseil est mis en place en collaboration entre l'Association des éleveurs de rennes samis de Norvège et le ministère norvégien de l'Agriculture et de l'Alimentation. Le Conseil de commercialisation du renne est dédié à la promotion de la viande de renne norvégienne en veillant à attirer l'attention positive et à accroître l'intérêt des consommateurs pour l'achat. À travers des efforts de marketing génériques ciblés visant à promouvoir la demande, nous mettons l'accent sur le renforcement de la sensibilisation à la qualité et à la durabilité. Nous voulons être une force motrice pour construire une réputation positive et des connaissances sur l'élevage des rennes et la viande de renne.

Seafood From Norway

La Norvège possède une variété unique de fruits de mer savoureux provenant de ses eaux froides et claires. Ils sont récoltés, pêchés et produits par les personnes les plus expérimentées et les plus engagées, dans le respect de notre planète. Le Gulf Stream, qui transporte les eaux chaudes du golfe du Mexique jusqu'à l'océan Atlantique, coule vers le nord le long de la côte norvégienne et se jette dans les eaux froides et propres de l'Arctique. Cette situation crée les conditions idéales pour un écosystème marin incroyablement riche. Petits poissons, gros poissons, crustacés et autres formes de vie. Certaines sont des populations locales, d'autres migrent ou sont de passage depuis le monde entier. Certains préfèrent les mers froides et ouvertes, d'autres vivent dans les fjords calmes et profonds, protégés par un mur d'îles et d'écueils. Certains chassent, d'autres sont chassés - d'en bas et d'en haut. Chacun joue son rôle dans le cycle complexe et fascinant de la vie marine.
La variété des produits de la mer issus de cet environnement est tout simplement unique. C'est l'une des principales raisons pour lesquelles la Norvège est le deuxième exportateur mondial de produits de la mer. C'est aussi pour cette raison que les chefs et les connaisseurs du monde entier choisissent les fruits de mer de Norvège.

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Partnering with taste artisans since 1922, a pioneer and reference in the world of chocolate, at Valrhona our mission, "Together, let's do good with goodness," expresses the strength of our commitment. With cocoa producers, artisans, and all gastronomy enthusiasts, we imagine the best of chocolate every day to create a fair and sustainable cocoa industry and inspire a gastronomy of goodness, beauty, and well-being.

Building direct and long-term relationships with producers, seeking the next chocolate innovation, and sharing expertise are the battles that drive us daily.

Alongside chefs, Valrhona supports craftsmanship, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity to accompany them in their quest for uniqueness.

Thanks to our commitments, we are proud to have obtained the highly demanding B Corporation® certification for the second time in December 2023. It rewards the most committed companies in the world that place economic, social, and environmental performance on an equal footing.

Choosing Valrhona means committing to responsible chocolate, with 100% of cocoa beans traced back to our 16,979 producers. Choosing Valrhona means committing to chocolate that respects people and the planet. Together, let's do good with goodness.

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Winterhalter is the leading designer and manufacturer of sustainable, commercial warewashing systems for the catering and hospitality industry. Our range of undercounter glass and dishwashers, passthrough, utensil, single and multitank diswashers are the best available on the market.

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