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Hungary national round

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The Hungarian Bocuse d'Or Academy, as an independent gastronomic organization, is open to everyone, but committed to the development of Hungarian gastronomy, to fair work, to the search and education of young talents, to the promotion of outstanding quality Hungarian products, and to the strong cohesion of the entire profession.

The Bocuse d'Or is a symbol which - although it originates from France - is also a pledge of the hungarian national gastronomic rise. An important point that the world is paying attention to.

The Hungarian Bocuse d'Or Academy, as a worthy representative of the Bocuse d'Or name, names as its task the nurturing of Hungary's gastronomic traditions, the promotion of our domestic products, the presentation of the latest kitchen technology trends, and the organization of gastronomic events. The purpose of everything is to instill the spirit of Bocuse d'Or in Hungary, for the sake of the development of culinary arts.


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